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MAKE YOUR BED: How To Sleep Better Under A Goose Down Comforter

How To Sleep Better with a Goose Down Comforter. I spend a lot of time traveling and in front of a digital screen. Mostly my cell phone but sometimes I've the privilege to be still and work on my laptop. One of the joys in my life is discovering fun and helpful products I find in those travels and share them with you.

Crown Goose Duvet

When I slept under my first goose down comforter, I slept like a baby with a full belly. It was lightweight and draped around me keeping my body heat in and the cold air out. I had to know about this magical super cozy blanket that honored my need for a good nights sleep. Crown Goose Duvet was the culprit. I hold them completely responsible for introducing me to the best nights sleep ever. It wasn't easy going back to another type of blanket once you've been introduced to Heaven in the Bedroom.

Unexpectedly experiencing luxury is a bonus ... like

the surprise of getting upgraded to first class on your flight.

I'm an info nerd and like to know the facts about unfamiliar products. What I found out is that Crown Goose Down Comforters contain the highest quality 100% Natural Goose Down from Poland - offering warmth, stability and comfort. Goose down is light while being a great insulator. The airiness in the down adds to its lightness. The best part about goose down is that it's multi seasonal: cool during summer and warm in the winter. It also has excellent breathability for good absorption and quick drying. Their 100% cotton fabric is soft and contains no harmful substances. Crown Goose is OEKO-TEX class 1 certified. I also learned in my goose down education that this material can be divided into 'down' and 'feathers'. A high down count makes a high quality product. Crown Goose duvets are cleaned a minimum of 14 times to uphold their meticulous standards. It feels new with each use. I found it refreshing that they offered unique designs with a classic yet modern feel. The needle work is so classy and the attention to detail stitching looks a lot like Haute Couture bedding. Finding Crown Goose in my boutique hotel, then seeing it in a few of the larger chains like Grand Hilton and Sheraton Hotels really made me want a set for my house. To my delight they sent me one to review.

The items from Crown Goose came neatly packaged. I felt like I was receiving a gift.

Crown goose Duvet

I know when my mom reads this she'll want one too. Spoiler alert Mom, you're getting your own set as a gift this year ;-) An over due thank you for teaching me how to make a guest worthy bed. I admit, I'm still a little clumsy when I put a duvet or pillow case on. My only trick is to turn the cover inside out, put your hands deep inside the case to the far corners and grab the duvet or pillow and shake, shake, shake until the case slides into place. Crown Goose Duvets and covers contain these helpful hoops and loops on all corners, the middle and on the third of each side. Sixteen points of connection that are compatible with other products where less points of connection are offered. This secures the goose down comforter to the duvet cover. The luxury bedding goose down comforter and duvet set they sent me is gorgeous. Deliciously soft and sophisticated. A perfect way to make my guest room pop and my guests feel like they are experiencing Heaven in a Bedroom too!


Crown Goose Duvet
Crown Goose Duvet
Crown Goose Duvet
Crown Goose Duvet
Crown Goose Duvet

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