New Year - Shift One Degree

December 30, 2019

I overheard a personal trainer say "Its not about inspiration its about dedication".

Now that's a narrative I can shift into. My year end gift to you is all links are active in this Blog. They circle you back to the help I've had this past year. Happy slimming down, beefing up, getting healthy, sleeping more, having less anxiety and more time to enjoy your life the way you see to dedicate it!


 This Year I'll ...

 ❤️ Make the time to live more in the color of

     the moment.

❤️  Allow myself the room to feel that      

     positive quote in my news feed. Then re-

     share so we shift into a more loving

     community space on the web.

❤️   Be fully committed to a healthy lifestyle.   

❤️  Trust knowing my body runs at its

     optimumal performance when I keep my

     hormones balanced (Cratus Medical) and        continue to eat higher protein meals      

     (Vital Proteins) Vegan options too!

 ❤️  Share more bankable tips for you to use.


My successful 2019 Go To Life Hacks - 

Cratus Medical -Documented Vitality journey CratusMedical highlight bubble @howtowithjuliesue  

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE administered in the comfort of your own home. A comprehensive

TeleDoc appointment from your computer or smart device. Blood work is taken at a lab

close to you and any vitality products are 

shipped right to your front door. Their 

objective is to make you feel and look better while using the latest therapies to improve your wellness and lengthen your health-span. As a medical vitality institute, their 

primary goal is for their patients to have as much life, energy, and drive as possible. As we age, many of our biological functions become less than optimal. This can range from hormones (testosterone, thyroid, and growth hormone), to having a deficiency in vitamins and minerals which are vital for all cells in our body. When our bodies become deficient many people will experience a lack of energy, sex drive, increased body fat, inability to lose fat or gain muscle, and a loss in overall motivation.

      #HormoneReplacement #HRT #Vitality Protocol #TeleMedicine #Teledoc #prp


Barrys Boot Camp -

My go to work out while at home and on the road. It's always a good sweat (or not).

I go at my own pace in the red room. Barry’s is a global destination. They're dedicated to changing lives worldwide through workouts and community. It feels like a family that 

works hard, is honest, has fun and consistently innovating new ways to keep me interested in coming back for more.

       #Barrysbootcamp #HIT #groupfit #bestworkout #BringYourAgame


Jen Widerstrom -


Her 30 day Carb Cycling Challenge shares how to properly utilize a carb cycling strategy, so that you can learn & either continue doing it consistently, or implement it on your own whenever you want. Carb cycling is a nutritional approach where you vary 

carbohydrate intake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It's commonly used in various  

forms to lose fat, build muscle, and/or maintain physical performance while dieting.

Every-body is different and we all need different stimuli at times to push through plateaus.

       #jenwiderstrom #30daycarbcyclechallenge #widerstrong


The Preview App -

  Do you need Instagram help? Everything you need in one simple app.

  Plan your feed, profile and shots, schedule the posts, great editing tools including hashtag

  finder and analytics broken down into segments that are easy to adjust for optimal


   #bestInstagramhelp #Instagramdesign #helpfultips #EasyTipsToFollow


Shift one degree into your New Year and enjoy these videos too. 











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New Year - Shift One Degree

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