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Do It Yourselfie Guide to Life Hacks

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My Story


CEO, Founder & Executive Producer

Problem Solver - Storyteller

Art Lover - Travel Guru - Web 3 & NFT enthusiast 

 HODL Gal - Reluctant Flipper - Creator Economy Connector

I'll help you make memorable moments and evergreen marketing materials for your media launch, IRL event and social media pages. Our team of highly trained entertaining creators know how to craft and share your brands message in a way your customers will come back time and time again. I'm the Daughter of a Magician that rarely shared his secrets.  If I asked how he made "that happen", It was suggested I look it up in our private library of vintage magic books. It never failed, they held every answer I could absorb.  I read each one cover to cover until the pages almost vanished from overuse. If I wanted to make something happen, I had to figure it out myself. 


Moving from a small southwest town to the largest city in the world inspired creative confidence. Packed with my fathers hand me down tool box, the passion to follow my dreams and a few of those magic books, I found this voice. 


I'm honored to share my 'How-To' secrets.

These pages and links within them are here to help you figure it out on your own too. A Do It Yourselfie Guide to Life Hacks. Helping you make magic in your life and around your house.

Be Warned: This is a Damsel in Distress free zone.   

My Life




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